Town Utilities

Inside of the Town limits, electric power is supplied by Duke. A 24-hour, toll-free number is provided for reporting emergencies or outages to Duke (1-800-343-3525). The number for regular service requests or information is (1-800-521-2232). These calls will go to the centralized phone center located in Plainfield, Indiana where they will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From there, customer representatives have instant access to all billing and service information.

Natural gas is supplied by Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO). For new gas service or to activate or terminate service if a gas line is already installed in your location, call (1-800-422-6199).

Telephone service is provided by Frontier. For residential service hook up call 1-800-921-8101 toll free.

North Manchester owns and operates its own water and sewage treatment facilities. To connect or disconnect service or to pay your monthly bill, you may visit the North Manchester Public Works (Utility) Office at 103 E. Main Street. To reach the office by telephone, you may call 982-9800.

The utility for storm water management was created in 1994 in response to federal and state mandates to eliminate surface (storm) water from our combined sewers. Currently, too much of our surface water flows through the combined sewers which were meant to carry raw sewage to our treatment plant. This prevents adequate treatment of the raw sewage. It also processes the storm water that doesn’t need to be treated, when it should be going directly to the river.

These government mandates meant that we had to begin the lengthy process of installing new storm water lines to separate surface water from raw sewage. To fund this, the Storm Water Management Board established a storm water user fee. Each property owner in the corporation is billed monthly to pay for these changes. The fee is a part of your water, sewer and trash invoice and payment is due by the 15th of each month.

You may call the Public Works Office (982-9800), the Water Plant (982-2993), or the Town Manager’s Office (982-9800 Ext. 376) if you have questions about the storm water user fee.

Media Options are provided by many different companies.  DIRECTTV , Dish,  MetronetMediacom or HughesNet.

Additional Utility Information

Duke (town)
Wabash County REMC (rural)
Natural Gas
Northern Indiana
Public Service Co.
Fuel Oils Local Distributors
LP Gas Local Distributors
Water North Manchester Municipal
Source Deep Wells
System Capacity 1.8 MGPD
Average Daily Consumption 1.0 MGPD
Peak Consumption 1.8 MGPD
Water Hardness 3 Grains/Million Gal.
Iron None
Calcium 1 Part/Million
PH 8.0 PH
Sanitary Sewer North Manchester
Municipal (100% of Community Covered)
Treatment Plant Type Class 3, Activated Sludge
Systems Capacity 1.25 MGPD
Average Daily Load 950,000 – 1.0 MGPD
Storm Sewer 60% of Community Covered
Garbage Disposal  Wabash Valley Disposal
Curbside Recycling Wabash Valley Disposal
Drop-off Recycling Ace Hardware Lot
Wabash Co. Solid Waste Mgmt. District
Wabash Valley Landfill
Co. (private)
Life Expectancy 20

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103 E Main St
North Manchester, IN 46962
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