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Building Commissioner/Code Enforcement Officer: Dave McVicker

     *Building Permits / Inspections -  Dave McVicker, Building Commissioner can answer questions pertaining to zoning, variances, plot plans, setbacks, signage, building codes, the need for a building permit, demolition ordinance, demolition permit, unsafe building ordinance.

Building permits are necessary whether you want to build a new home or add to and improve your present home or business. Building permits may be applied for at Town Hall. Generally speaking, a fee of $.03 per square foot of new building construction will be charged, with a minimum fee of $20.00. The Building Commissioner is allowed up to five days to inspect and issue your permit. Be sure to apply for your permit in plenty of time before the actual construction is to start. Lack of a permit means construction may be halted.  

Plans that need to be reviewed may be submitted in person or emailed to: [email protected]

     *Code Enforcement - In efforts to maintain a clean and safe town, Code Enforcement Officers conduct inspections on properties for compliance with minimum housing standards, property maintenance, trash, and tall grass and weed ordinances.  The Building Commissioner, Dave McVicker is responsible for enforcing code violations.  


The Building & Code Enforcement Department is located at Town Hall

103 E Main Street, North Manchester, IN 46962 

PH:260-306-3546 Fax: 260-982-7428

North Manchester has a Comprehensive for the building and development of the community. You are invited to familiarize yourself with the building codes. Copies of the Comprehensive Plan may be reviewed online or purchased at the Clerk's Office. 

Indiana Building Codes
Town of North Manchester - Comprehensive Plan 2015
Town of North Manchester Ordinances/Codifications 

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